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Our dog photo sessions are relaxed, fun and customised to the requirements of you and your dog. Before the session we will discuss what types of photographs you would like to achieve. These could be portraits, action shots and can also include family members.

Before the shoot we will discuss a location and things to consider before the day of taking photographs to help with the session. After the shoot your photographs will be processed and then you'll attend a viewing session of all the photographs for you to choose from. 

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Nurseries and Schools

We began taking photographs at nurseries in 2012 and have grown year over year. We believe we have a fantastic relationship with all of the nurseries we photograph at and are always excited to work with new nurseries. 

Our aim has always been to present quality photographs of children smiling, laughing and having fun at your nursery. Our process has been constructed to benefit your nursery. We give a generous commission and if you have any ideas or requests we can adjust our service specific to you.

Ensuring that your children are happy is most important. That’s why we take the time to make them feel comfortable and relaxed when having their photographs so that they show their true personalities. We create a fun and memorable experience for the children which create beautiful photographs. 


Online Payment

Please Note. Only payment for photographs can be made online. Please pay here and hand in your physical order form with your order filled in to your nursery/school.

1. Select the yellow "Pay Now" button below. (Please read steps 2-4 before clicking "Pay Now").

2. Fill out your child's order form that you received from your nursery/school.

3. Most Important! Enter your child's Full Name, the name of the Nursery/School and your Order Number in the description box as well as the total amount your order comes to in the amount box.

4. Enter your payment details and select "Pay" at the bottom of the page. Return the completed order form in an envelope stating you have paid online. Your order will be processed and delivered to the nursery/school for you to collect. You will receive an email receipt if your payment has been successful.

I have read the instructions and I'm ready to pay.

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Q. I have missed the order deadline for photographs, can I still make an order?

A. Yes, please either call or email us with your order. If we haven't already delivered the photographs back to the nursery we will include your order in the batch, otherwise a small postage fee (typically £4.00) may apply.

Q. I have forgot to enter my child's name, nursery or order form number when I made a payment online.

A. Please email us your childs information along with your payment reference. We can then reference this to your order.

Q. Can I order my photographs online?

A. You can only pay for your order online and then hand in your order form to the nursery. However if you are unable to do this or are making a late order you can email us what you would like.

Q. If I purchase a USB, can I print my images elsewhere?

A. Yes once you purchase the USB all copyright of the images are owned by you. Most of our images are suitable to be printed up to 24"x16"!

Q. I haven't received or lost my child's order form.

A. Just send us an email with your child's name and the nursery they had their photographs taken at and we can email your order form directly to you.

Q. How long do the photographs take to be delivered to the nursery after I order?

A. All the photographs should be delivered back to the nursery 2 weeks after the order deadline. However in most cases it's usually within a week.





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